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Feb. 2020

South Hemphill Heights Neighborhood Association Supports Independent Maps

South Hemphill Heights Neighborhood Association

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Write your Council Representative

Organize a Post Card Mailing Pary!

Use our printed postcards to fill out, sign and mail to your City Council District member. 

We also have a DIY file to print 4 postcards, front & back.  (Print on heavy card stock to meet USPS mailing requirements or save the PDF and take to a local commercial printer .)

Printable Postcards

District # Office, 200 Texas St., Fort Worth, Texas 76102


Or, email or call your council representative!

District 1: Mayor Betsy Price

Telephone: 817-392-6118 | Fax: 817-392-2409

District 2: Carlos E. Flores

Telephone: 817-392-8802 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 3: Brian Bird

Telephone: 817-392-8803 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 4: Cary Moon

Telephone: 817-392-8804 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 5: Gyna Bivens

Telephone: 817-392-8805 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 6: Jungus Jordan

Telephone: 817-392-8806 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 7: Dennis Shingleton

Telephone: 817-392-8807 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 8: Kelly Allen Gray

Telephone: 817-392-8808 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:

District 9: Ann Zadeh

Telephone: 817-392-8809 | Fax: 817-392-6187 | Email:


Find your district

Use OneAddress to find your district. Individual district maps are also available on council district pages.

Councilmembers are elected from the district in which they reside, with the exception of the mayor who is elected at large. The mayor is the official head of the city’s government and represents Fort Worth on ceremonial occasions. The mayor is a voting member of the city council, presides over council meetings and represents the council to the public.

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Austin's Example

Austin, Texas successfully created a Citizens Redistricting commission that recreated their city council map.

Austin Charter

Details how an independent commission should be established.

"(C) The commission shall:

(1) conduct an open and transparent process enabling full public consideration of and comment on the drawing of district lines;
(2) draw district lines according to the redistricting criteria specified in this section; and
(3) conduct themselves with integrity and fairness. This selection process is designed to produce a commission that is independent from influence by the City Council and is reasonably representative of this city's diversity.

(D) The commission shall consist of 14 members."

View Charter

Austin Roadmap to Citizen Redistricting

roadmap cover

This 42 page booklet gives a personal history of how Austin citizens changed how the city council district maps are created.

On November 2012, the voters of Austin, Texas overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the City Charter that dramatically changed the city's election system and possibly provided a model for cities nationwide. Under the previous system, the City Council consisted of a mayor and six council members. All were elected citywide to numbered places on the council. Austin voters approved a new system consisting of a mayor (elected citywide) and ten council members, each of whom is elected from individual districts.

View PDF

Austin's Commission

Read the Final Report from the Austin Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. This 43 page report was filed October 24, 2014.

View PDF

Austin's Aplication

Fort Worth can use Austin's applicaton as a template for our own redistricting commission.

View PDF
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Redistricting News

Redistricting is a hot topic right now. Citizens in other cities and throughout Texas are grappling with redistricting and how best to create better representation for themselves. Results of the 2020 Census will affect many areas of our civic life.

News Articles
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Fort Worth

View a zoomable PDF version of the current City Map. The link opens a new window.

View Map 1

Fort Worth Map 2

View a PDF version of the City Council District Map. The link opens a new window.

View Map 2

Join In!


Your support and participation will help make Independent Redistricting become a reality. We are just getting started to build a coalition of like-minded citizens who want a fair and citizen-drawn city council districts map. Get on our mailing list and keep informed.

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